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Bathroom Tiles Heated by a Boiler System

More Than Just Water
for the Bath

Boiler Systems are used as a heating system in your home to maintain indoor home temperatures at an acceptable level; by using thermal energy. 

Using radiant heat to heat your bathroom feels very luxurious. Never step out of your shower again onto a cold tile floor. Ask us how we can help today!

At Harper's Plumbing we service, repair and install Boiler systems. Whether you need annual routine maintenance, a fix to ensure you are not left out in the cold or want to install a complete new system, we have you covered.  

We work on all types of Boiler systems:

  • Atmospheric (low) Efficiency Boilers

  • Radiant Floor Heating Boilers

  • Mid Efficiency Boilers

  • High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

  • Space Heating Boilers

  • Gas Boilers


Boiler turning off randomly? No heat? Low water pressure? Worn our seals? Strange sounds? Reduced water flow? Smelling gas and think you may have a leak?

Our team can help with all your Boiler repair needs. 


Following your appliance's manufacture
guidelines our team will  clean your burner and heat exchanger, replace or clean the igniter(s), perform a combustion analysis with a multi-point safety check.

Our maintenance checks allow us to detect any carbon monoxide leaks and keeps your family safe.


Ready to install a high efficiency Boiler system in your home and reduce your energy usage and save money?

Our team can asses your home's unique needs and provide a fixed-price quote with a 1 year parts and labor guarantee. 

Combustion Analysis

When our combustion analysis is performed it allows us to precisely determine the amount of gas needed for a clean, complete combustion that burns the exact amount of gas needed with no waste.  If the appliance is using too much gas it can lead to clogged burners and higher energy costs.

Optimizing Your Boiler System
Image by Ryan Christodoulou

Heat Your Home with a Boiler System

Save $50

Try our Plumbing or Drain Cleaning services and
save $50 off your first service call. 

*First time customers only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotional offers.

-Bernadette G  

 "Reece Harper was prompt, resourceful and fixed my bathroom plumbing issues in a timely fashion. His company rates are reasonable and what I appreciated most of all is that he kept the bathroom clean and tidy after he completed the work."  
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