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Coffee Chats With Your Plumber: Running Toilets

Updated: Jan 19

Running Toilets

The continual sound of running water after a toilet is flushed can be annoying. From thinking about the cost of the water that is being wasted to the little noise you can just barely hear in the background from the other room. We understand it is frustrating.

There are 3 main reasons why your toilet may keep running after you have flushed. We have included a diagram of common toilet part names for your reference below.

1. The rubber seal connected to the handle motion is no longer tight and functioning properly, allowing small trickles of water to pass.

2. The water level in the back of the tank is too high, allowing water to run into the overflow tube.

3. The fill valve is not shutting properly.

Toilet Accessories

The Home Depot has a great short video outlining all of the parts of your toilet and their uses - click here to watch.

Still, have questions or looking at upgrading your plumbing fixtures? Contact us today!

Toilet image source: the Home Depot

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