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Gas Fitting Calgary

Whether you need a gas line for your furnace, patio BBQ or garage heater, at Harper's Plumbing we have you covered. 

Having gas when and where you want it. Every time. 



Think you may have a gas leak? Want to terminate some old gas lines? 

Our team can help you ensure your current system is repaired and working correctly. Most importantly, we will ensure you and your family are safe and that any concerns regarding your gas fittings are resolved. 


Following your appliance's manufacture guidelines our team will clean your burner and heat exchanger, replace or clean the igniter(s), perform a combustion analysis with a multi-point safety check.

Our maintenance checks allow us to detect any carbon monoxide leaks and keeps your family safe.


Want to install a new gas appliance but don't have a current connection? 
From patio heaters and BBQs, to garage heaters, furnaces, gas ranges and dryers. We can help! 

Our team will run the right sized line for the job, above or below ground, and get your appliance working in no time.

- If You Need Gas Fitting -

We Can Help!

Our Gas Fitting Services Include:

  • BBQ Hookups 

  • Gas Fireplaces 

  • Gas Ovens

  • Patio and Outdoor Heaters

  • Garage Heaters

Modern Fireplace

Barbecue Gas Line Installation

Are you tired of the inconvenience and cost associated with frequently refilling your propane tank for your barbecue? Bid farewell to these hassles by choosing an outdoor natural gas line installation for your BBQ.

With an outdoor natural gas line, you'll have a dedicated gas supply always ready for your grill, allowing you to cook delicious meals at your convenience. Say goodbye to last-minute propane runs, as your barbecue will be seamlessly connected to a reliable gas source. Join numerous homeowners in Calgary who are embracing the convenience of switching to an outdoor natural gas line for their BBQ.

Harper's Plumbing has a team of licensed gas fitters that can safely run a new gas line for that dream BBQ. Enjoy hassle-free grilling and uninterrupted cooking sessions by reaching out to us for your outdoor natural gas line needs today!

Residential Gas Line Installation in Calgary

Gas lines play a vital role in maintaining the seamless operation of your home, connecting to essential components such as your HVAC unit, indoor and outdoor appliances, and more. Whether you require a gas line installation for an outdoor barbecue, heating and cooling system, fireplace, stove, or other appliances, we can transform your needs into reality. At Harper's Plumbing, our team possesses the expertise, tools, and equipment necessary to ensure safe, efficient, and precise gas line installations.

Our commitment revolves around enhancing your space with a strong emphasis on quality and safety. Each member of our highly trained team possesses the expertise to conduct gas line installations that adhere to the highest standards. Elevate the functionality and safety of your residential or commercial space with confidence by choosing us for your gas line installation requirements.

-Bernadette G  

 "Reece Harper was prompt, resourceful and fixed my bathroom plumbing issues in a timely fashion. His company rates are reasonable and what I appreciated most of all is that he kept the bathroom clean and tidy after he completed the work."  
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