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Shower Installation Calgary

Installing or repairing a shower in the Calgary area? Shower installation and repair can seem quite daunting. From leaky taps, fixtures or slow drains our team of Journeymen Plumbers are here to help!

Showering You With Help!

Whether adding a shower to your new home, renovation or experiencing leaks, drips, blockages, or inconsistent water temperatures our team is here to help. We have repaired, installed and designed many shower systems and can help you find the perfect solution for your home. 

- Shower Installation? Leaky Fixtures? Clogged Drain? -

We Can Help!

Elevate Your Shower Experience

Are you considering adding a new shower to your home? Or doing a renovation? The work from a plumbing perspective starts behind the "scenes", or in this case behind the walls.


Our team  can help you design your shower, select your dream finishes and ensure the "rough in" or behind the wall portion is done correctly. There is nothing quite as devastating as having a shower tiled and operating only to find out that the behind the wall rough in or drainage was done incorrectly.  When you hire a Journeyman Plumber you have their years of experience and skills behind you, ensuring you only have to focus on the photo envy end product bathroom of your dreams.


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