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Toilet Installation and Repair 

Installing or repairing a toilet in the Calgary area? There are many options out there, from one piece toilets, to two piece, elongated or round, or team can help you through the options and find the perfect solution for your home.

Calgary Toilet Installation and Repair

The toilet, is a crucial piece of any bathroom. Toilets can experience a variety of problems, such as clogs, leaks, or constant running. If your toilet is not running the way you expect it, our team is here to help! 

When our Plumbers arrive at your home, they will not only look at the root cause of your problem but will proactively look at the other components of your toilet. We always aim to ensure that your bathroom toilet is working to the best of its ability and meeting your needs. 

- Toilet Installation? Repair? Clog? -

We Can Help!

When Is It Time to Replace Your Toilet?

​Ineffective Flushing

Over time, or in the case of lower-quality models, toilets may start to flush ineffectively. This issue can lead to clogs in both the toilet and the plumbing system. The frustration of needing multiple flushes, frequent use of a plunger, or dealing with occasional overflows are signs that it might be time for a new toilet installation.

Excessive Water Usage

Modern toilets are designed to use significantly less water than older models, a change driven by government regulations and advancements in plumbing technology. Pre-1980 toilets could use up to 7 gallons per flush, a figure that was halved to 3.5 gallons post-1980, and has since been reduced to about 1.6 gallons in newer models.

Updating Bathroom Aesthetics

Outdated colored toilets, from powder blue to baby pink, can date your bathroom's look. When renovating your bathroom there are a variety of options to consider. Having a skirted toilet for example is a simple upgrade that not only enhances the sleek look with less curves but also saves you time in the long run when cleaning your bathroom!

Our team is here to help you make the best decision for your home, whether a simple toilet repair or replacement. Contact us today! 

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